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Is It Time for a Roof Upgrade?

Dunning Roofing Offers Top-notch Roof Repairs and Replacements

Within every home, maintaining a crucial aspect such as the roof is paramount.


Can you recall the installation date of your roof?

Is it beginning to exhibit signs of aging?

Have you considered the expiration of its warranty?

Roofing Professionals

Dunning Roofing boasts a legacy of over a decade, dedicated to serving homeowners throughout Birmingham. All your queries related to roofing find their answers with our proficient team. Don't dismiss that persistent feeling that you might have delayed a roof inspection for too long. If you sense the need for repairs or a new roof, entrust the task to the seasoned professionals at Dunning Roofing.

Indications of a Deteriorating Roof


  • Shingles displaying cracks, curls, or missing sections

  • Considerable shingle granules accumulating in gutters

  • Water damage evidenced by stained ceilings and walls

  • A weathered appearance when you inspect the roof

  •  Presence of moss and algae on the roof

  • Damaged or cracked metal flashing

  • Escalating utility bills due to reduced insulation from an aging roof

Regain Peace of Mind

Put an end to sleepless nights fretting over potential roof issues. Ensure your home remains in optimal condition with Dunning Roofing's adept contractors and their time-proven expertise. Addressing concerns promptly can save you both time and money, preventing minor issues from evolving into major headaches.

Investing in a new roof not only enhances your home's curb appeal and property value but also minimizes future repair costs. Experience improved energy efficiency and reduce stress by knowing you have a resilient roof above your head with Dunning Roofing.

Expert Roofing Services for Your Peace of Mind

As a trusted and certified GAF roofing company, we take pride in our residential roofing services. Our team is dedicated to providing quality workmanship and premium materials that will give your home the protection it needs. We also offer a 50 year material warranty, and can assist you with insurance claims or provide you with financing through Alabama Power's smart financing program.


Residential Roofing - Protecting Your Home with Quality

Our Commercial Roofing service is committed to providing durable and reliable roofing solutions for businesses. We maintain the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of our service, from materials to installation techniques. And with our competitive pricing, you can trust that we are the best option for all your commercial roofing needs.


Commercial Roofing - Protect Your Business from the Top

Our Metal Roofing service delivers superior protection and durability for your home. We use high-quality materials and rely on our experience to ensure your metal roof will withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Trust our team of professionals to provide you with the best possible results.


Metal Roofing - Durability with Style

At our company, we understand how important it is to have a reliable roof over your head. That's why we offer high-quality roof repairs at affordable prices. Our team of experienced professionals use only top-notch materials to ensure that your roof is strong and durable, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is well-protected.


Affordable Roofing Repairs for Your Peace of Mind

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Discover the Dunning Roofing Advantage: Unmatched Protection for Your Investment

Welcome to Dunning Roofing, where we recognize the pivotal role a resilient and dependable roof plays in safeguarding your home or business. Our commitment is unwavering, focusing on delivering roofing solutions that not only elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your property but also provide enduring protection against the elements. Demonstrating our dedication to excellence, we proudly present a diverse range of comprehensive warranties, partnering with leading brands such as GAF, CertainTeed, and Duro-Last.

In the realm of roofing excellence, GAF, or General Aniline & Film, stands as a beacon of exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge solutions. As the foremost roofing manufacturer in North America, GAF has established the Certified Contractor program, ensuring property owners have access to skilled and reputable professionals like our expert technicians at Dunning Roofing.

GAF's commitment to customer satisfaction extends to their robust roofing warranties, seamlessly integrated into our offerings. When you secure a Dunning Roofing warranty, you benefit from the customer-centric and comprehensive coverage provided by GAF, safeguarding your investment with confidence.

GAF Residential Roofing Warranties: Elevate Your Roofing Experience

As proud GAF Certified Contractors, here are the types of GAF warranties we offer:

1. GAF Shingle & Accessory Limited Warranty:

Formerly known as the Standard Warranty, this coverage addresses material defects and applies to all roof installations utilizing GAF materials. While it covers the replacement of defective components, it does not encompass workmanship or labor costs. The warranty is for a lifetime of GAF parts and includes a 10-year Smart Choice Protection Period, a 10 to 25 years Algae Warranty Term, and a 15 years Wind Warranty Term.


2. GAF System Plus® Limited Warranty:

This warranty requires GAF-certified contractors for the installation of GAF roofing materials. As a Certified Contractor, we offer this as our second type of Dunning Roofing warranty, covering GAF shingles and a minimum of three accessory products. Extending the Smart Choice Protection Period to 50 years compared to the Standard Warranty, it includes coverage for roof tear-off, a 25 years Algae Warranty Term, and an Unlimited Wind Warranty Term. The warranty applies to a second owner if notified within one year after property transfer.


3. GAF Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty:

Representing GAF's highest-tier warranty, this warranty shares eligibility requirements with the System Plus® Limited Warranty and features a 50-year Smart Choice Protection Period. It includes roof tear-off and disposal, a 25 years Algae Warranty Term, and an Unlimited Wind Warranty Term. Backed by a 25-year workmanship coverage or 30-year coverage with GAF's 

Maintaining Your Dunning Roofing Warranty:

A Commitment to Longevity


Rest assured that your warranty remains active with our 9-point maintenance plan

  1. Keep detailed records of inspection reports, repair and maintenance bills.

  2. Conduct annual inspections to identify potential defects or installation issues.

  3. Inspect after severe weather events, such as storms.

  4. Hire GAF-certified contractors for repairs using GAF materials.

  5. Regularly remove debris and blockages.

  6. Maintain metal components in rust-free condition.

  7. Inspect masonry for cracks and deteriorating sealants.

  8. Ensure rooftop equipment functions correctly.

  9. Minimize rooftop traffic to roof technicians only.

Roof Shingles

Certified Contractor:

As a Certified Contractor, Dunning Roofing warranties are renowned for their reliability. We offer three distinct GAF warranty types—Shingle & Accessory Limited Warranty, System Plus® Limited Warranty, and Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty—that are comprehensive and enduring, ensuring your roof meets the highest industry standards.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage:

Our range of warranties offers varying levels of coverage to suit your needs, from basic warranty covering replacement parts to top-of-the-line warranties covering labor costs. Dunning Roofing stands behind the quality of our craft and materials.

Hassle-Free Claims Process:

In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, we streamline the process for your convenience. With the proper documentation and warranty information, our team guides you through the necessary steps to ensure prompt handling of your claim.

Local Expertise:

Dunning Roofing is locally-owned and operated, understanding the roofing challenges specific to Alabama. Our tailored solutions and warranty options address the challenges your roof may face.

Why Choose Dunning Roofing Warranty:

Elevate Your Expectations


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